Our company, which started with a small manufacturing lokum production in 1970 and grew gradually, acquired a different dimension in 1993 when we moved to a workplace with a closed area of 600 m 2 in GATEM Şekerlemeciler ve Kuruyemişçiler Sitesi. We tried to introduce our company and sweet red in the best way by increasing the production of traditional Turkish delight, our varieties and quality, and marketing it both at home and abroad. In 2008, we moved to our facility which we set up in Burak Quarter with 3000 m2 area in order to adapt to the changing and developing conditions of Turkey. Here we continued by developing our products so as to ensure continuity of our vision by taking our quality documents without compromising the quality of food and safety.


As a leader and reliable company, we will create with our dealers' vaccines and business contacts, create a world-class brand and provide the happiness of our customers and employees by providing our customers with taste and flavor that we have given in the production of Turkish delight and confectionery for centuries.


To continue our profitable and responsible commercial success to market our delight and confectionery products in international markets. .


Continuous development and error prevention is to be widespread at every stage of the cultural organization,
Using resources effectively to continuously increase the productivity and profitability of the company,
To meet customer expectations and needs first and mistake,
To fulfill the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System and to increase its effectiveness continuously,
To carry out continuous training activities in order to increase the competence and skill levels of personnel,
       To follow the technology closely and to adapt to the developments and to have the right to say in this sector,
       Being a leader in our sector,



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